Just a Little EXCISION

Written and Directed by Richard Bates Jr.

So Excision just blew my fracking mind. First off, I wanna give a shout out to AnnaLynne McCord in the lead (as Pauline) because whoa, you are now my official Scariest Girl Ever. May? Lola from The Loved Ones? They once rattled and delighted me with their dark indulgence, their glee at the macabre mess they created all around them…until I met Pauline. She is a Master. To be so delusional to the point where not only do you find nothing wrong with the grotesque acts you are performing but you fully give over to the fantasy (and ecstasy) of your deepest carnal desires, finding them positive, helpful, inspirational even…that is True Madness. And Pauline has it. To spare. Observing and sharing that slow, spiraling loss of control on the path to evil is terrifying (or is it electrifying?). But can Pauline really be categorized as evil?  She doesn’t intend her acts in an evil or anarchic way. She is experimenting, yes, but she is destined for great things. She’s going to be a renowned surgeon after all.
The dark yet ‘enlightened’ path that Pauline goes down is also terrifying to me on a more personal note. I have a few gnawing “mind wanderings” of my own. This movie actually made me wonder if they could ever grow to a level that would make me act out in such a way. And being a slave to my subjective mind like all of us, would I even know the difference if I did? Could any of us turn into Pauline? That to me was actually the most horrific thing about this movie. It really made me think about our definition of sanity…reality…everything. Everything is so subjective. Society is just one giant Collective Subjective. But I digress.

Excision: removal by cutting
-       In surgery, the complete removal of an organ, tissue, bone or tumor from a body
-       The process of removing, cutting out or off

It may also be important to note that Pauline’s fantasies are not the only thing to contain the idea of excision in the film. Her parents (played by Traci Lords and Roger Bart) try desperately to change her behavior (mostly her mother), to remove the parts they do not like or see as socially acceptable. Over the years this controlling, manipulative behavior makes Pauline act out even more bizarrely and may even be partly responsible for the beginnings of some of her first, more innocent fantasies. Parents truly know not what they do to their children. Eventually Pauline’s mother reaches out to her and tries to give her opportunities for guidance.  Unfortunately while attempting to finally have a heart to heart with her daughter, her own mind trappings and baggage keep her from reaching out to Pauline in the way that she really needs to before it is too late.

I’m still cleaning the brains off my keyboard (see first sentence of this musing). Wow.

-Hakk Wylde!

8.5 (out of 10) Bird’s Heart Beers

Other noteworthy performances by:
Traci Lords, Roger Bart (Hostel II, Smiley) and Ariel Winter (Modern Family)

8 thoughts on “Just a Little EXCISION

    • Thx, Maynard. You and the other awesome peeps at Frightmeter are helping to keep me on my game for sure. }:) And yes, The darkly comic tone of EXCISION (at times) is fantastic! Without it the movie would probably just be too harrowing. Hah!

      • I still can’t believe this is the same acstres from that 90210 fluff on TV! The biggest shocker is apparently she owns the part as well. From the reviews I’ve caught this is rated and not to be missed. I gotta say from all the art and the sick posters out that I’ve seen it as certainly got me primed to watch this ASAP.

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